#Digital Transformation

Digital transformation - what does it mean?

„Digital transformation“ refers to the ongoing process of change in society and the economy through the imprint of increasingly advanced digital technologies and processes. During the digital transformation, daily life in all areas is constantly influenced by new processes, circumstances and habits in business and private life.

Statista reports that in 2020, $1.31 trillion dollars were invested worldwide in digital transformation processes. By 2025, the total is expected to reach $2.8 trillion. These totals show how emphatically investments are being made in the digital transformation in all sectors.

digitale transformation

#What do these facts mean for your business?

If your company wants to follow the path of a successful digital transformation, technologies, business processes, working methods and procedures as well as corporate structures must be adapted to the digital transformation process or newly created. This means a lot of work – but offers invaluable potential and opportunities for sustainable positioning in the market and for a successful future.

As an experienced full-service digital agency, #Die.Digitalfabrik is your partner for a successful and strategic digital transformation process.

#Consulting for your digital transformation

Together we will find strategies and ways to make your company competitive and cope with all the challenges of the digital age. Digital transformation offers many profitable opportunities. Discover your weak points, but also your potentials in the digital transformation process with strategy consultation from #Die.Digitalfabrik. With us, you will find all services from a single source, from the initial analysis of the status quo, to project management of the ongoing processes and marketing. This gives you the security of an effective and holistic realisation, as well as an implementation with maximum synergies.

#Your opportunities in digital transformation

Digitalization of SMEs: Opportunities for growth

According to the German 2020/21 SME Digitalisation Index Annual Report, the level of digitalisation has continued to increase. The evaluation of the results showed that companies with a high level of digitalisation were significantly more successful in coping with the challenges of the pandemic. Many SMEs successfully expanded their business models and changed their business processes to absorb the losses. This demonstrates how important it is to keep pace with the digital changes of this time and how future-proof and successful companies can operate as a result.

With its full service concept, #Die.Digitalfabrik is the ideal partner for SMEs in the area of digital transformation. We work together with you on your digital future and your success. Over 10 years of experience and many successfully implemented projects from various SME sectors give us the expertise to support you on your way to a successful digital future.

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