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Project management is a crucial key to the success of companies in an increasingly complex and dynamic business world. In order to successfully complete projects and achieve the goals set, it is very important to use project management methods and tools effectively.

#Digitalfabrik supports you from the initial vision to the final implementation of your project and is there to help and advise you every step of the way; We offer you holistic and efficient project management in all areas of digital marketing. Together, we combine your ideas with our know-how and realize your marketing goals in a sustainable and future-oriented way.

#Project management at the heart of success

Project management is a discipline that aims to plan, execute and complete projects efficiently. Marketing project management is becoming increasingly important; After all, marketing measures are often very extensive and address many different channels; Comprehensive project management and concrete project planning are therefore crucial to pave the way for the entire project life cycle;

#Successful project planning

The basis of every successful project is a well thought-out and structured project plan; It forms the backbone of your project and helps you with the following points:

#Project controlling as a guide to success

Without effective project controlling, even the best project plans could come to nothing. Project controlling is essential for monitoring progress, identifying budget deviations and recognizing risks at an early stage. It provides the necessary transparency to be able to take countermeasures in good time and ensure that the project stays on track; In addition, all stakeholders can constantly monitor the current status of the project;

#Project management tools

Project management tools are software applications developed to support project teams in the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects. These tools offer functions that improve collaboration, provide an overview of project progress and increase efficiency.

Some popular project management tools include Jira, Trello, Asana, Microsoft Project, Monday.com, Basecamp and many more. The choice of the appropriate tool depends on the specific requirements, the size of the team and the type of project; We already have experience with many different tools and can support you with the setup and implementation;

#What is agile project management?

In a world characterized by rapid change, agile project management is becoming increasingly popular. This method enables flexible adaptation to changing requirements and promotes collaboration within the team. Agile project management methods such as Scrum or Kanban rely on iterative processes that allow for quick adjustments and continuous feedback.


#Multi-project management and the challenge of coordination

Companies are often faced with the challenge of managing several projects at the same time. The key term here is “multi-project management”, which ensures that resources are used efficiently and priorities are set correctly; The trick is to find the right balance between the various projects in order to achieve the company’s overall objectives;

At #Die.Digitalfabrik we have various experts who can advise you on the various requirements of your projects. As a rule, our customers are assigned an individual contact person who is responsible for the entire project management; He maintains an overview of all projects and coordinates and monitors the individual teams; Proper project control requires not only a strong project management team, but also the ability to react flexibly to unforeseen events.

The projects are often of a very different nature. Internationalization, strategy development, initial digital presence or website relaunch: there are many projects that we can implement for you with smooth management in a pleasant and success-oriented working atmosphere.

#This is what your project could look like: Project management for the website relaunch

From developing the vision and determining the next steps to the go-live and a sustainable, future-oriented growth strategy: We conceptualize your idea!

Did you already think about the day after tomorrow in your current project? No? No problem, our project managers think not only creatively and out of the box, but also about all the challenges of the future of your project.

Kick-Off & Anforderungsprofil
Ideenfindung & Bestimmung des Projektumfangs
Showtime! Dein Go Live
Nachhaltige Wachstumsstrategie

1. Kick-off & requirements profile

The first step is to get to know you and your business goals and to understand the technical requirements of the project. We then select the appropriate experts and put together your individual team.

2. Brainstorming & determing the scope of the project

We analyse the status quo and determine the preliminary project scope. Initial assumptions are tested, concepts are refined and the idea is turned into a concrete project. Initial assumptions are tested, concepts are refined and the idea is turned into a concrete project. In close cooperation with you and your team, we determine the time, effort and budget framework that our project team will always keep in mind throughout the entire project.

3. Project implementation

Here we go! Your project is finally taking shape: our teams of experts are working in the background and we are turning all the necessary screws. We are transparent when it comes to workload and budgets at all times. We always remain flexible and solution-oriented when it comes to feedback, unforeseen additional work or new circumstances.

4. It’s Showtime! Your Go Live

Finally, the time has come: Your project is ready to present itself to the world – we go live after your final quality control and approval.

But now things are really getting exciting. What is the next step?

5. Sustainable growth strategy

For us, the project is far from finished with the Go Live. In the end, your project can only be as good as the marketing strategy. Right from the start, we consider the appropriate channels for you and start together in the selected areas: Visibility, scalability and sustainable growth ensure optimal placement in the market. On request, we support you with strategy consulting & workshops or the appropriate Online Marketing.

What is your next project? We are curious!

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