#Consent Management

Ensuring data protection and user privacy is at the heart of a sustainable and user-friendly website policy.

Consent management plays a crucial role here by ensuring automated compliance with data protection regulations such as the GDPR. This ensures that all data collected from users is lawfully acquired and processed in accordance with legal requirements. It therefore serves as an indispensable security instance that ensures that data collection and processing is confidential and legally compliant;

Comprehensive consent management always keeps an eye on all new developments and changes and adapts accordingly.

#Die.Digitalfabrik offers you the complete implementation of experienced consent management platforms and creates all the necessary conditions for this.

Cookies- Consent Management as the basis for GDPR compliant tracking

#Cookie Consent Management

A cookie banner ensures that users are informed transparently and comprehensively about how data is processed and analyzed in terms of its form and quantity; The banner only appears the first time the user interacts with the website. The user’s consent to the use of cookies is actively obtained;

The focus is on informing users about the type, scope, use and disclosure of data. In the case of a GDPR-compliant cookie banner, there is the option to object to this.

With such an approach, your website offers data protection with maximum transparency and control;

#Checklist: What belongs in a GDPR-compliant cookie banner?

#Everything at a glance

The topic of data protection on the Internet is complex – compliance should be as simple and legally secure as possible for the website operator and offer the user maximum transparency and freedom of choice. A consent management platform obtains user consent in a simple way and guarantees legally compliant processing*. It also generates user trust by providing comprehensive and transparent information about the data processing performed.


Consent management ensures that users receive complete information on the use of their data; Visitors to websites experience a variety of choices and give their explicit consent to data processing.


Consent management platforms regularly check the website to ensure that it complies with legal requirements and that only verified cookies and scripts are used;

Technical functionality

When integrating Consent Management, we ensure that all technical requirements are met and benefit from our experience in working with various partners and platforms;


Consent Management strengthens the trust of users, protects their rights and gives them full control over the processing of their data at all times;


Here you will find frequently asked questions about Consent Management and their respective answers:

Consent management is important to respect the privacy of users, to comply with legal requirements in data protection and to strengthen users’ trust in the handling of their data;

Consent management is crucial for compliance with the GDPR law, as it ensures that companies obtain the necessary consents for the processing of personal data;

If a user withdraws their consent, the corresponding data should not be processed further in order to ensure data security; The user should also be clearly informed about how their revocation will be implemented;

A company should ensure that its consent management is transparent, user-friendly and legally compliant; This can be achieved through clear privacy policies, well-designed cookie banners and the regular updating of relevant processes. In addition, it is advisable to provide a clear data protection notice to inform users comprehensively about the handling of their data; The regular review of the site, the cookies and the connected services of the cookie banner are essential to ensure that everything remains connected in compliance with data protection regulations in the long term, even after initial setup;

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*#Die.Digitalfabrik does not provide legal advice