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In 2021, the average global social network usage time was 147 minutes per day, according to statista.  

This high number shows that social media is an indispensable part of your company’s marketing mix. #Die.Digitalfabrik is your partner when it comes to Social Media Marketing. We help you choose the right social media strategy to increase your brand awareness, customer loyalty and your company’s sales.  

#Die.Digitalfabrik: Your Social Media Agency

We have many years of experience in the areas of social media advertising, the creation of editorial plans, content and advertising materials, community management and precise reporting. You do not have a social media presence yet? We realise your initial appearance on all desired channels and create a holistic presence for your company.

We provide the impulse for the right strategy for your social media presence or, as an external social media team, take over all activities on various channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others in order to achieve your defined business goals and generate the most efficient reach.

Social Media

#An overview of our social media services

Social Media editorial planning

We develop a detailed editorial plan across various social media channels and plan all activities of your company on the platforms. We always keep in mind the specifics of your target group, events and trends.

Community­ management

We take over the entire community management and monitoring of all social media activities of your company. In the process, we enter into direct contact with the target group and thus increase brand loyalty and the trust of your customers.

Content creation & distribution

We support you with the channel-specific content creation and plan as well as publish the content on the social media channels according to the editorial plan. We always keep a close look on the current trends and adapt the content strategy accordingly, if necessary.

Social analytics

We record all activities on the social media platforms and analyse the results. Whether the performance of individual posts, stories or social ads, we evaluate the results and derive important recommendations for action to increase performance. We will regularly provide you with all the important insights and an outlook on how to proceed.

Social Media Advertising

From the strategy to the implementation and booking of the campaigns, we are by your side and take your online marketing on social media to the next level. We are particularly specialised in Facebook and Instagram advertising, but also have a lot of experience in Pinterest and LinkedIn advertising. We have media booking experts in our team with the official Facebook Blueprint certification for professional and high-performance online marketing for Facebook, Instagram and Messenger ads.

Social Media Consulting & Workshops

You and your team want to expand your social media know-how and better understand the exciting world of social media marketing? No problem! – We also offer extensive social media consulting and workshops on any topic regarding social media. Of course, we offer all this for all known social media channels.

Influencer Marketing

We offer you professional influencer marketing to present your brand in the best possible way and to exploit the full potential of social media influencers. We analyze your target group, identify suitable influencers, plan and implement effective campaigns, and measure success using relevant KPIs. With our experience and expertise, we create an authentic connection between your brand and the right influencers to generate high reach, valid credibility and high engagement. Let's develop your influencer marketing strategy together and position your brand successfully!


We offer you our retargeting service to target users who have already shown interest in your brand or products. With personalized ads, we increase conversion rates and maximize the efficiency of your online marketing campaigns. Our expertise in retargeting allows us to continuously optimize and deliver a higher return on your investment. Together we increase the success of your online advertising and turn prospects into new customers!


With a holistic brand strategy and creative design, we create an engaging brand experience. Through targeted communications and consistent brand presence, we build comprehensive brand awareness and loyalty. Our goal is to make your brand distinctive and always leave a long-lasting impression. Let's build and strengthen your brand together.

Target group analysis

We analyze your target group to gain valuable insights. With our target group analysis, we identify demographic data, behavioral patterns and interests in order to develop more targeted marketing strategies. Together we reach your target group more effectively and increase the success of your marketing activities.


We offer a full monitoring service for your online presence. We track your website, social media performance and ad campaign success, providing detailed reports and up-to-date optimization recommendations. Stay informed and improve your online performance with our expertise.

Of course, we offer all this for all known social media channels:

Arrange a non-binding consultation on the topic of social media with us today – we look forward to seeing you!