#Performance Marketing

Performance marketing delivers directly measurable results. Using data-supported measures, user reactions and campaign results can be promptly evaluated and adapted to marketing measures. Performance marketing offers the opportunity to adapt digital marketing measures in real time based on defined KPIs: This ensures maximum efficiency, flexibility and the best possible result.
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#Performance marketing strategy: Your efficient marketing mix

Performance marketing includes many areas of online marketing. From paid search engine advertising, SEA, affiliate marketing and email marketing to addressable TV, digital out-of-home and social media advertising – there are many ways to achieve set goals with a performance marketing strategy. Du willst deine Marken- oder Produktbekanntheit erhöhen, deine Kundenbindung stärken, mehr Traffic generieren oder deine Abverkäufe steigern? With performance marketing, you have the opportunity to use your budget precisely on many different channels and with numerous modular components.

#How does Affiliate Marketing work?

To increase your brand awareness and reach new customers in suitable target groups, it often makes sense to utilize the reach of other websites. Relevant publishers usually have an existing community and can therefore make your brand or product even better known in a target group that is important to you. Typical affiliate partners include blogs, coupon and cashback portals or price and product comparison sites.

External partners advertise your products, your brand or your services for an agreed commission. The affiliate earns this commission by, for example, directing traffic to your website or contributing to the purchase of your products. This commission is defined in advance and is being paid depending on different criteria, for instance the order value. It is only due in case of a predefined success.

#Die.Digitalfabrik is your partner when it comes to successful Affiliate Marketing. We select the most suitable affiliate network for you, install the necessary tracking and determine the remuneration for the publishers in close consultation with you. You can also hand over publisher selection and communication as well as quality assurance and reporting to us.

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#Addressable TV

Adressable TV

Internet-enabled smart TVs have found their way into many households. This offers the opportunity to play out digital advertising tailored to the viewer directly on these devices. Addressable TV combines the reach of classic awareness channels such as TV with the fine control and evaluability of digital performance marketing. Advertising on Smart TV is considered to be particularly effective, personal and performant.

#Die.Digitalfabrik supports you from the conception to the implementation of strong campaigns for addressable TV and thus expands your performance marketing success with another high-reach channel. Thanks to precise targeting, advertising messages aimed at specific target groups reach the right people right in their living room on the big screen: Discover Addressable TV.

#Digital out-of-home (DOOH)

Digital advertising on eye-catching screens in the shopping center, at the airport, in the gym, at the doctor’s office or at the train station: with digital out-of-home, you can reach your potential customers everywhere in their everyday lives. DOOH is a fast-growing marketing segment and has opened up public spaces extensively in recent years. In contrast to billboard advertising, DOOH can be displayed anywhere there is a digital screen and generates maximum attention through moving images – reach your customers wherever they are. Play your ads in real time optimized to the time of day, the weather or locally optimized, refer to the next point of sale or make your brand or product known. 

Whether it’s a brand awareness campaign or a special target group approach, content creation for your DOOH campaign or reporting, #Die.Digitalfabrik implements, evaluates and continuously improves your digital out-of-home campaigns.

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Search Engine Advertising (SEA), i.e. the placement of paid ads in search engines, is a well-known part of performance marketing and search engine marketing. With SEA, you can target potential customers and constantly evaluate and optimize the results of your campaigns. Mehr zu SEA, wie SEA funktioniert und wie wir als Performance Agentur dir bei der Implementierung und Umsetzung einer SEA Strategie für deinen Unternehmenserfolg helfen, erfährst du hier.

#Social Media Advertising: performance marketing in social networks

More reach, more brand awareness, more sales - with social media ads we ensure exactly that. Thanks to individual and precise campaigns, our certified experts place successful campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest & Co. In addition to target group analysis and data-based reporting, the resulting continuous improvements are a matter of course for us: #Die.Digitalfabrik is your social ads agency with expertise, success and transparency.