The data foundation for successful online marketing

Successful online marketing needs a detailed database. With intelligent tracking, user behavior can be logged and evaluated. This provides an optimal data basis for strong performance marketing – and delivers valuable information for improvement for future campaigns or in the area of usability.

With the right tracking, you’ll get answers to the following questions, among others:

#Die.Digitalfabrik offers you a full implementation of all desired digital analytics and tracking tools as well as precise and understandable reporting. This way, you always have an eye on the performance of your online marketing activities – and can react quickly to any changes. You don’t need to worry about the security of user data or legal requirements – all our tracking tools are of course GDPR* compliant.

Cookies- Consent Management as the basis for GDPR compliant tracking

#Consent Management as the basis for GDPR-compliant tracking

#Die.Digitalfabrik is an official Cookiebot partner. Tracking and data processing on websites must comply with the GDPR and need the active consent of the user. Cookiebot offers us and our customers the possibility to enable privacy-compliant and secure tracking for all website projects.

Of course, there are other consent management providers on the market that we can properly integrate for you on your website.

#Which tracking is right for me?

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel and more: Tracking is versatile. We’ll introduce you to the most common tools we work with for your success.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager makes comprehensive event tracking easy. Google Tag Manager makes it easy to implement different tracking pixels and enables centralized administration. #Die.Digitalfabrik is your experienced partner when it comes to implementing Google Tag Manager on your website.

Server-Side Tracking

With server-side tracking, the collected data is not transmitted to an external tracking server, but to your own tracking server. This makes your tracking faster, more independent and more accurate - data quality and data security at the highest level. We will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding server-side tracking and, if you wish, we will fully implement it for you.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that, once successfully implemented, offers numerous tracking and analysis options. Google Analytics not only allows you to view website data in real time, but also offers numerous other options such as tracking your users' channel attribution, extensive funnel and customer journey analysis, and measuring user-defined events, so-called custom events.

#The.DigitalFactory sets up Google Analytics completely and functionally for you and provides you with meaningful reports at regular, individually selectable intervals. On request, we also offer support for your online marketing activities and your performance campaigns, for the optimization of which we also make use of Google Analytics data.

Google Analytics Alternatives

Those who value analysis without Google's involvement are well advised to use alternative tools such as Matomo. The powerful analysis tool runs on its own server and delivers equally precise and comprehensive data - with full respect for user privacy. Here, too, we are happy to support you with the implementation.

Whether consulting or full implementation - we are your contact for tracking with Google Analytics, Matomo and other providers.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel measures the success of your ads on Facebook and Instagram. Precise conversion tracking and information about how users acquired through social media advertising behave on your website - no problem with the Facebook Pixel. It is the foundation for retargeting and the basis for all optimization of your social media paid campaigns. We'll help you integrate the Facebook Pixel accurately and functionally, and set it up for all the events you want to track.

Google Ads Conversion Tracking

The same applies to SEA: Only with precise analysis can you constantly improve your advertising campaigns and your return on investment. Google Ads Conversion Tracking offers the possibility to measure and evaluate the success of SEA ads on Google according to many individual parameters. We set up the complete Google Ads conversion tracking for you.

#Data Warehousing, Data Analytics and Data Science

Tracking provides valuable information and data. But how can you subsequently structure and prepare the data volumes in a meaningful way for large website and shopping projects? – Data warehousing is the solution when it comes to bundling and analyzing large amounts of data.

Data warehousing refers to a database that combines and stores data from multiple external sources and prepares it for analysis. Data warehousing includes data procurement, data storage, the supply of further systems with the bundled information and the evaluation and analysis of the available data stocks. Our experts will focus on your individual needs and, if you wish, create meaningful extracts from the available data, so-called data minings, for you.

By means of data analytics, we examine the available data with regard to desired business plans and use them to improve your store performance or your online marketing measures. And finally, we use data science to look into the future: We use the available processed data to make precise predictions for future developments, opportunities and any necessary adjustments.
Data Warehouse

#Die.Digitalfabrik prepares comprehensive, meaningful and GDPR compliant tracking for you, implements all the necessary tools, evaluates the data and, if desired, merges it from different sources. Schedule a tracking and data analytics appointment with us today!

*#Die.Digitalfabrik does not provide legal advice.