#Affiliate Marketing
- with partner programs to greater reach

In order to increase your brand awareness and to reach out to new customers from suitable target groups, it often makes sense to take advantage of the reach of other websites. Relevant publishers usually have an existing community and thereby are able to make your brand or product better known in the target group, that is important to you. Typical affiliate partners include blogs, coupon and cashback portals or price and product comparison sites. 

affiliate marketing

#How does Affiliate Marketing work?

External partners advertise your products, your brand or your services for an agreed commission. The affiliate earns this commission by, for example, directing traffic to your website or contributing to the purchase of your products. This commission is defined in advance and is being paid depending on different criteria, for instance the order value. It is only due in case of a predefined success.

#Die.Digitalfabrik is your partner when it comes to successful Affiliate Marketing. We select the appropriate affiliate network for you, implement the necessary tracking and determine the remuneration for the publishers in close consultation with you. We can also take care of the publisher selection and communication as well as quality assurance and providing reportings.

#The right Affiliate Marketing mix

Using our many years of experience in Affiliate Marketing, we take care of the selection of suitable publishers for your program. In any case, this includes relevant blogs with high-quality content and a broad reach in your segment. Furthermore, voucher sites, cashback providers and price comparison portals are among the most popular partners in the affiliate sector. We adjust this mix individually, considering your customer segment, your brand identity and especially your goals.

In addition, individual promotions can be used to create special purchase incentives, for example via a voucher or a cashback in cooperation with your top publishers. #Die.Digitalfabrik takes care of the necessary communication and creates all advertising media to make every promotion a success.

#Strategic marketing planningwith #Die.Digitalfabrik

A balanced marketing mix leads to success in online marketing. All online marketing channels should benefit from each other and bring your brand to forward. #Die.Digitalfabrik supports you in finalizing your professional strategy for the perfect online marketing mix, if required. We consider Affiliate Marketing as an important part of this. If you want to increase your reach with Affiliate Marketing and thus generate more brand awareness and sales, we are the right partner for you.

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