#UX Design

Stable performance, inspiring design and simple operation: this is what makes the best user experience. The user experience is a key factor in the success of your digital project. Optimal usability of your website or online store harmoniously combines aesthetics, intuitive usability and stable performance and brings your users quickly to their destination.

#Die.Digitalfabrik not only offers you UX design for every new web project, but also optimizes your existing website or online store sustainably in the direction of user-friendliness. We always keep an eye on technical requirements, CMS system specifications, SEO-friendliness, design specifications and accessibility in operation.

Webdesign mit UX & UI Optimierung

#More user-friendliness: from UI to UX

User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) play a major role in determining the enthusiasm of your customers – and thus also the performance of your website or online store. Only enthusiastic users visit you again, recommend you to others and become loyal customers. For this, not only the right online marketing is important. Every visitor should be able to find their way around your website intuitively, enjoy stable performance and find an appealing and individual design.

User Interface (UI)

The user interface is the interface between the user and the technology. It includes all the controls with which the user interacts with your website, online store, or app. The user interface must therefore provide stable performance, well thought-out design and the best possible ease of use. This makes the UI the foundation for an optimal user experience (UX).

User Experience (UX)

User experience refers to the experience the user has when operating a website. Here, modern UX still refers to the knowledge of antiquity and defines the goals of an optimal UX according to the Roman architect Vitruvius: strength (smooth performance), usefulness (intuitive usability) and beauty (appealing design).

#Die.Digitalfabrik is your experienced partner when it comes to initial conception from UI to UX – or improving the status quo.

#UI-Design: Create optimal conditions for best usability

When designing a user interface, many aspects are in the foreground. It must be easy and intuitive to use, correspond to your corporate identity, work smoothly on all devices and perform technically reliably. We make the decisions for layout, typographies, colors and forms together with you or according to your specifications, but always taking best practices into account. If you wish, we can also support you with the creation of logos, icons and illustrations. Aesthetically detailed, technically skilled and precise, we do everything we can to ensure that your digital project is operationally convincing – and promises the best user experience.

#UX Design from the ground up with #Die.Digitalfabrik

Creating the optimal user experience is a process. There are basic steps and project phases that lead to the optimal result.

1. Defining target audience & analysis

Who are your users? Where do they come from, what makes them special and what do they expect? How can we best support them on their journey? Only with a precise target audience definition can we tailor the UX design perfectly. That's why we also work data-based in this step and analyze your current and potential customers.

2. Concepting & Wireframes

We start - with creative ideas and thanks to years of experience we create scribbles and wireframes, the visual concepts for your future website or store. Here we can optimize, test, coordinate and always let you participate in the state of the project. We always follow your CI or design specifications and keep an eye on any special requirements.

3. UX Analysis

We analyze the requirements of your future project - or the status quo of your website or online store. We take a close look at the needs and goals of your users, work data-based and thus create a holistic overview of all requirements and circumstances. Of course, we also take into account your wishes and specifications, e.g. with regard to corporate identity.

4. Usability-Tests

The perfect UX design is ready - now it will be tested extensively. All functions and elements are put through their paces. Stable functionality, accessibility and harmonious design are as much a focus as the design of your specifications and the behavior of the test users. Everything okay? Then we are ready for deployment!

Optimize the user experience of your customers with us! Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation on all things UI and UX design.