#SEO – Better rankings through Search Engine Optimization

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Through targeted SEO measures, your website will be listed higher in the search results without the use of additional advertising budget. Better visibility makes more potential customers aware of your website or online shop and thus generates traffic.

#Die.Digitalfabrik is your SEO agency from Dortmund that brings your website or online shop to the forefront of Google, Bing & Co. search results through targeted optimisation measures. #Die.Digitalfabrik offers you up-to-date, professional and effective SEO – for more visibility, more traffic and more sales. 

#How do I get better rankings on Google

As an experienced SEO agency, #Die.Digitalfabrik takes care of all measures necessary to increase your rankings.

SEO aims to improve the organic rankings, so the rankings without additional monetary input. By increasing your visibility on Google and other search engines, you can get more users to your site and increase your brand awareness. Among these numerous measures, we distinguish four core areas of SEO.
seo overview

#The four core areas of SEO

Strategy and analysis

At the beginning, as in many other areas, is the strategy. Only when we know and understand what your customers are interested in and what their search behaviour is like, can we set precise goals and develop an optimal keyword set. We analyse your shop or website holistically and uncover strengths and weaknesses in the area of SEO. Then we can develop a sensible and high-performance SEO strategy based on your goals and the circumstances.

Technical SEO

The second SEO core area is about technology. Technical SEO creates the conditions with which search engines can access a page easily and without interference. Through technical optimisation of your website, on the one hand we create a good user experience for your customers and on the other hand we help search engines to understand and evaluate your website. Technical SEO encompasses many sub-areas that optimally create the best synergies among each other and contribute to your ranking success.


Once the technical foundation of your site is in place, it's time to move on to the content and creative level. The third core area is aimed at content. This is about providing the right content for users and the search engine. But what is the right content? That is a fair question because a lot has changed in the assessment in recent years. In the past, content was mainly written for the search engine but nowadays the user is definitely in the focus. Nowadays in content marketing we have to produce content that users and search engines love in equal measure.

Offpage SEO and Linkbuilding

The fourth core area, off-page SEO, is used to distribute the content produced on the internet. This way, your website gets good and relevant recommendations, called backlinks, from other websites and improves the ranking potential with these links. The more recommendations from other trustworthy websites, the more reliable and competent your site appears to search engines. We analyse your backlink profile, check whether they are helpful and relevant links, remove harmful links and build high-quality backlinks.

#Discover your potential now!

Our SEO specialists at #Die.Digitalfabrik will precisely analyse, strategically plan and implement the comprehensive SEO optimisation of your site in all areas. We will provide you with meaningful reports at regular intervals, which you can use to track the success of the measures at any time on the basis of relevant key figures.

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