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#Die.Digitalfabrik is your full service digital agency based in the heart of the Ruhr area, in Dortmund. We not only advise you on e-commerce and online marketing, but we also plan, design and optimize your campaigns throughout their entire duration. Full service means for you that we can take over all steps for your digital success, from the initial strategy consulting to the complete online marketing and project management to further projects, such as internationalisation. We create a holistic corporate image, accompany all topics with meaningful reporting and always remain in close coordination with you and your corporate goals.

We are convinced that in times of digital transformation, it is no longer sufficient to tackle individual topics. Your digital transformation can only succeed if we develop a holistic vision and implement a comprehensive strategy across all marketing channels. Our team consists of experts with over 10 years of experience in developing e-commerce solutions, digital branding, business intelligence, tracking & analysis, online marketing (SEO, SEA, social media, PSM, affiliate marketing, email marketing) as well as user experience (UX) and usability – we can provide you with optimal advice in every area and increase your performance. Our focus is always on your sustainable and measurable success.

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With us you get everything from a single source.


Transparent and fair billing with flexible distribution of hours between channels

With us, you'll always have a clear overview. We work with timesheets and, if required, with a flexible distribution of hours between online marketing channels. Your budget and your needs are our focus.


Bundling all channel experts in one agency

Put an end to the agency jungle:
We are your full service digital agency. With us, you save time and money by effectively bundling all digital experts and can focus on your day-to-day business.

Digital experts

International team for your market entry in Germany or other target markets

We support you not only with technical expertise for the German market, but also have native speakers for the Benelux countries, Italy and Spain on site through our international team. Simplified coordination in your native language is no problem for us, and we are also happy to help you open up new target markets in other European countries.

#Sustainable growth and new target groups

A website or your own online store can form the basis of your digital strategy, but you should also keep an eye on distribution to ensure sustainable growth and the development of new target groups. We can help you use the right channels in online marketing:

We always stay up-to-date and consider current innovations and technical trends in our projects. As a full service digital agency, we have a wide network of internal and external developers and e-commerce experts for holistic and professional consulting.

#Interview with Bastian

#When did you start online marketing?

I have always been interested in data/KPIs and in marketing/sales, even in my studies. In online marketing and e-commerce, there is a unique opportunity to optimally combine these topics.

#What has your career been like so far?

After completing my Master’s degree, I first worked for a few years in a medium-sized management consulting firm. Here I dealt intensively with the topics of controlling/KPIs as well as process and change management. Subsequently, I took over the management of the international division at a large German e-commerce retailer. The first period was strongly characterized by restructuring, building new teams and opening up new marketing channels. In this company, I quite quickly became an authorized signatory and then finally took over responsibility for all e-commerce as managing director for over two years. Here I was responsible for around €150 million in sales and around 125 employees.

#Why and when did you decide to start your own agency?

Together with my team I have mastered (almost) all challenges and yet I always saw our possibilities as a little limited. In our agency, I can naturally implement my ideas of cooperation, technical developments and strategic orientation much better than before. Besides, it’s a shame if only one company benefits from our skills.

#Which task do you like best as a managing director?

To be a good sparring partner for my employees and the customers.

#Has the pandemic changed your plans?

Oh, yes – I’ve started just a week before the pandemic started. From one day to the next, all interested parties were gone, which was a very challenging time from my personal economic point of view. In the end, due to the pandemic, a real boom in e-commerce and online marketing set in and we grew more than I had imagined.

#What do you think are the biggest challenges facing our region and do you have any solutions?

I believe that we still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of digitization, e-commerce and online marketing, especially in our SME sector. The solution is simple – just start finally! The road is certainly long, but it is worth it and it starts with the first step.

#What are your next steps?

We will position ourselves as an agency even more strongly in the area of digital transformation. This means that we accompany companies in the difficult task of becoming more digital. This starts with consulting, continues with operational support and ends with the web programming of entire shops and websites. So we are going to strengthen our team massively in the near future.

#Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully still in the same position as today.

#What do you do in your free time?

I try to do sports as often as possible, which unfortunately I manage less and less due to time constraints. Besides, I love the sea and I’m happy about having a (small) break there every now and then.

#What would you say to your former self today?

The perseverance and effort are worth it – don’t worry about it and continue on your way.