#SEA - to success with Google Advertising

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#Google Adwords

Every day, people search for information on the web and start their search on Google. They can pursue different search intentions: browse and be inspired, inform, shop online or find a store. The device used can also be different for the searcher – depending on whether the user is currently surfing on a mobile phone or using a laptop at home or in the office.

Google Ads offer the possibility of displaying advertisements to users in a targeted manner for search queries that match the topic and are optimised for the end device. Optimised text ads put your online shop or product at the top of the search results. This is how you increase your traffic and sales significantly with Google Ads. #Die.Digitalfabrik is your SEA (Search Engine Advertising) agency from Dortmund, which realises your ads on Google, Bing and Co. with highest performance.

#Use Google Ads effectively

We present your advertisements for your online shop or website exactly where your potential customers are right now. By using Google Ads, you can be sure of a high ranking in the search results and turn users into customers at the right moment with an optimally targeted ad.

As an official Google Partner, we know exactly what to do. Learn more about the Google Partners program here:

#SEA: Together we achieve your business goals

We drive quality traffic to your website so that the sale or next booking is just a click away. This not only increases your sales, but also your brand awareness. If your primary goal is to perform offline and get more customers into your store, that’s no problem with Google advertising and special search ads.

#Google Shopping:
The boost for your online shop

With the help of Google Shopping, the products of your online shop can be presented at the top of Google Search. Important information such as product images, prices and descriptions are already provided. With just one click the customer is taken directly to the corresponding item detail page from the Google Shopping ads.

#Die.Digitalfabrik supports you from the setup of your Google Ads account and Google Merchant Center to the creation and maintenance of product feeds and the selection and optimisation of suitable Google Shopping campaigns.

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#Full control over your budget with Google Ads

In Google Ads, the advertising budget can be set individually and adjusted or paused at any time. In addition, more than the pre-determined maximum amount for a month is never spent Whether the demand for your product or service varies throughout the day or you benefit from seasonal business, all conditions can be taken into account in your bids. You only pay when a user clicks on your Google ad. So you are always in control – and as an SEA agency, #Die.Digitalfabrik gets the most out of your advertising budget..

We align the bidding strategy with previously defined goals. From classic CPC bids to increase traffic to CPM bids to raise brand awareness to smart bidding strategies for optimal conversion optimisation – our experts are familiar with all bidding strategies and choose the optimal one for your business..

#SEA: Success through quality

Have you ever advertised on Google and not been satisfied with the output? This may be because of the quality factor that Google uses as a basis for displaying ads. With the quality factor, Google estimates the quality of the ads, the used keywords and the landing pages. The indication of the quality factor comprises a value from 1 to 10 and is always related to the keyword. It is calculated from the expected click rate, the relevance of the ad and the user experience with the targeted landing page. In addition, regional and historical account data is also taken into equation.

By improving the Google quality factor, #Die.Digitalfabrik achieves a higher ranking in the search results with the same CPC or reduces your CPC with the same positioning – whatever is more important to you. As a successful SEA agency, we optimise the success of your Adwords ads.

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