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Online marketing in the coffee business

Since 2021, we have been supporting ec coffee Work GmbH, a Munich-based retailer of specialty coffee, in the successful implementation of a Online Marketing Mix. The performance channelsplay an importantrole in the mix Google Ads and Idealo have an important role is a marketplace for coffee and espresso specialties from selected brands and roasters from all over the world. The online store also offers matchingAccessories for coffee and espresso preparation for professionals and hobby baristas. The range includes well-known brands such as Comandante, Acaia, Aeropress, Fellow, Harioand many more.

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#Challenge and measures in the online marketing mix

Founder Erik Mosler has been running the online store since 2019 and has received extensive support from #Die.Digitalfabrik since 2021. Particularly during the uncertain times of the coronavirus pandemic, it was important to bundle online activities and use them effectively. The channels chosen for this were Google Ads and the price search engine Idealo. On the one hand, #Die.Digitalfabrik took over the operational control of these channels and feed management, and on the other, it also supported shop-wide marketing planning. In addition to pure marketing measures, it was also important to offer competitive prices in the highly competitive market for coffee accessories. Since then, #Die.Digitalfabrik has been supporting this with dynamic pricing product portfolio and thus ensures permanently competitive prices.

#November 2022 - sales record thanks to well thought-out measures

Record sales month to date. In the already strong 4th quarter with the peak on Black Friday, we were able to set the monthly record so far in 2022. In Google Ads alone, we were able to increase sales by more than 200% compared to the previous year, with ROAS also rising by more than 70% compared to the previous year. This year, we are once again reaching for the next record.

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In addition to providing ongoing support for sales channels, our experts were also able to assist with a number of other projects and channels, such as Social media and Newsletter Marketing, migration to Google Analytics 4 and setting up server-to-server tracking support.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to working with you in the future!

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