#Email marketing -
the efficient way to successful customer retention

It is probably the most underestimated marketing channel: Email Marketing. It is a false assumption that email is losing relevance in the age of Instagram, TikTok and the like. Because: No other marketing channel offers a better cost-benefit ratio! With email marketing, you can be sure of reaching a potential buyer with every email – and at minimal cost. This is because your recipients have already actively agreed to receive your content out of interest or good experiences – your target group is therefore already defined and has shown itself to be a group with conversion potential in the past.

Thoughtfully designed and innovative Email Marketing allows you to address your customers directly and thus strengthen customer loyalty and increase sales in the long term. Email marketing also offers a wide variety of potential content: From newsletters and content mailings with inspiring insights to classic offer mailings and automated notifications, there are numerous possibilities. Alongside social media, content marketing and SEO, precise email marketing is an important and successful part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

So take advantage of the great potential of professional email marketing for your company. #Die.Digitalfabrik is your email marketing agency with years of experience to help you successfully integrate email into your marketing mix. We always have all the requirements of the GDPR in mind*, always have the pulse of the times and convince with creative and high-performance content.

email marketing

#Your direct line to the customer:
Email marketing

Email marketing offers you the great advantage of addressing your customers directly and individually. In addition, email marketing is precise, fast and effective in increasing leads, traffic and sales.

We’ll show you how to provide recipients with relevant content at the right points in the customer lifecycle and thus retain them in the long term!

#Much more than just newsletters

E-mail automation

We support you in the conception and creation of convincing automated mailings. Based on relevant triggers (birthday, first purchase, etc.), the recipient receives appropriate content. This way, you generate traffic and sales without the constant manual effort.

Analysis & Optimisation

We always keep an eye on the relevant KPIs! We help you analyse your Email Marketing data and draw the appropriate conclusions. Your newsletter and performance are therefore permanently optimised and adapted to new conditions.

Email marketing strategy

We see Email Marketing as part of your whole online marketing mix, where all channels benefit from each other. As your digital partner and experienced email marketing agency, we create a holistic marketing plan for you to maximize your potential.


We also create templates and regular newsletters for you. We integrate learnings from our years of experience in order to achieve the best possible results for you. With #Die.Digitalfabrik you get proven email marketing with compelling and dynamic content.

Personalize emails

Make the most of the high potential of personalisation by using recipient information wisely. A direct address by name or individualised content brings a clear uplift in the KPIs - we show you how it's possible!

#Die.Digitalfabrik helps you to take your email marketing to the next level and successfully integrate it into your online marketing.
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*#Die.Digitalfabrik does not offer legal advice. We work with long-term partners who offer legally compliant audits if required.