#Crossmedia Marketing

For a long time, e-commerce was in competition with brick-and-mortar retail. However, at the latest since the pandemic, there has been a rethinking of the “pole position” of stationary retail: New sales channels were in demand. Classic retailers are now focusing not only on stores, but also on e-commerce – they use the sales channels off- and online in parallel.
Cross-media marketing is a strategic approach to address (potential) customers in the best possible way on several communication channels with content adapted to each channel. In this process, off- and online measures can be mixed. The important thing is, that each channel has its different requirements and characteristics. Therefore, the advertising message must be individually adapted to the respective network or platform, so that as many touchpoints as possible can be reached. This way, the customer senses a consistent brand presence in different places.
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Crossmedia Marketing

#No marketing without a strategy

From the business perspective, it makes sense to maintain or expand a close link between e-commerce and store-based retailing, or to focus entirely on online. Advantages of traditional retail can also be used in the field of e-commerce. For example, online orders could be delivered postage-free to the store of choice or expend special offers for the customers, so that they receive it online as well as at the point of sale. This strengthens an omnipresent market presence.

Cross-media marketing opens up new opportunities to distribute content via different communication channels and to address customers in multiple multimedia ways. This can not only lead to increased identification and loyalty between the customer and the product or company, but also help to increase sales.

#Advantages of cross-media marketing

#How to precede with cross-media marketing?

For the successful combination of the different marketingchannels, the particular campaign should be adapted to the respective channel and target group in terms of timing as well as content. The main goal of cross-media campaigns is visibility.. A selected core message is conveyed simultaneously in different formats on multiple channels. The number of channels used for a cross-media campaign can be defined individually, but it should be at least two.. These can be:

When it comes to the possible combinations of media types, communication channels and strategies, there are no limits in cross-media marketing. As an external team, we don’t only take over campaign management for you, but also develop it further and, of course, advise you on the selection of your channels – precisely tailored to your company’s needs. In doing so, we always keep an eye on target achievement and performance.

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