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A holistic strategy for digital success – that was the goal of the collaboration with Leiner & kika Möbelhandels GmbH. Therefore, the support of #Die.Digitalfabrik extends over many areas, such as shop management, project management, SEO and performance marketing.

Kundenbindungsprogramm kika und Leiner Möbelhandels GmbH

#The Challenge

From the global consideration of the individual measures and their effects on the online stores, to the operational control and implementation, #Die.Digitalfabrik was involved in the day-to-day business and projects of Leiner & kika Möbelhandels GmbH.

New goals were defined together and work was done to achieve them. For example, the implementation of discount promotions was optimized so that the discounted prices are directly visible to the end customer and thus also in the product feeds. This has enormous advantages for the performance channels, as the prices are directly displayed to the customer at a lower price, making them much more competitive – a significant lever for price-sensitive customers in particular, who benefit from cross-channel optimization.

CRM as a crucial part of the digital strategy

To drive long-term customer loyalty, #Die.Digitalfabrik was also involved in the initialization and optimization of targeted measures as part of CRM marketing.

From concrete, operational support, such as optimizing the landing pages for the customer loyalty programs, to designing new projects, we were involved as a full-service agency.

#Die.Digitalfabrik supports strategic development and project management for the Leiner and kika websites

Website Kika und Leiner

#Die.Digitalfabrik also provides support in the area of project management, especially with regard to the strategic further development of the two online stores kika Online Shop and Leiner Online Shop. We also oversee further feature planning, performance optimization of the stores, and identification of bugs.

In order to implement these topics, a major part of the tasks consists of coordinating and managing the external developer agency. This includes writing tickets, sprint planning, coordination of deployments, and related testing processes.

Our project managers know the (interface) processes of Leiner and kika and are therefore, among other things, internal and external contact persons for all questions concerning the webshops and support the multi-channel team in their daily business.

Performance marketing support: How we helped Leiner and kika increase their reach and offer competitive prices.

We also supported the marketing team of Leiner and kika in the area of performance marketing. This included the introduction of new sales channels such as the price comparison platform idealo – Austria’s big price comparison and the affiliate network Awin. Both channels serve to increase the reach of marketing activities and reach more potential buyers.

In addition, we helped set up automated pricing. Here we provide support from the selection of a suitable crawling service provider to the implementation of reports and evaluations to strategy consulting.

Automated pricing ensures that Leiner and kika can offer competitive prices in the competitive furniture and furnishings segment in the web store and in the performance channels.

We also supported the performance team in day-to-day business, such as agency management, action planning and, for example, preparation and execution of Black Friday. Especially on this important sales day in the fourth quarter, we were able to contribute with our expertise to results that far exceeded expectations.

SEO consulting for competitive markets

As part of the SEO consulting for Leiner and kika, #Die.Digitalfabrik is responsible for content-related aspects of OnPage optimization, for consulting on technical, structural and UX issues, as well as for the strategic direction of keyword optimization for both websites. The first step is always preceded by the analysis, from which recommendations for action are derived and checked for suitability for both websites in communication with Leiner and kika. While some actions may be ideal from an SEO perspective, not every implementation is desirable from a customer perspective, which is why this is a dialogue before moving into actual implementation. This is ensured in regular meetings with the in-house teams.

The challenge: Two domains - one way

The fact that two online stores, Leiner and kika, with almost identical product ranges are operated under two different domains has posed particular challenges for search engine optimization. For Google, it’s no secret when two websites belong together, especially when content like products and categories are so similar.

This results in some conditions, such as when two different landing pages under the same domain handle the same content: Internal competition. If such a case can be identified, the consequence is often that Google gives priority to one of these pages and deliberately treats the other one as secondary, which can translate into far worse rankings for the second landing page.

This principle can often also be observed with Leiner and kika, which makes it difficult to draw conclusions from keyword developments. In the case of conspicuous ranking changes, one domain cannot be considered alone; it must always be seen behind the context of developments for the equivalent landing page on the other domain. If, for example, kika falls out of the top-20 for a relevant keyword, but it can be seen that Leiner enters the top-10 for the same keyword, this is not necessarily a problematic development, since in the interaction Leiner’s and kika’s products have nevertheless found a place in the top-10. Thus, except for exceptional cases, there is no acute need for action on this landing page.

However, if the positive interaction is not seen in the competition between the two domains, but both domains experience a loss for the same keyword, this indicates optimization potential. The balancing act between these domains makes keyword tracking and deriving recommended actions an interesting challenge. However, since not only Leiner and kika want to rank for the most important keywords of the competitive furniture industry, the competitive analysis of other competitors in the Austrian market also plays a significant role. Both kika and Leiner already have clear authority as brands for Google in Austria, however, there are also strong competitors that have long been firmly established in the wider DACH region. With regard to the major categories, important guide posts, and the most relevant keywords, the analysis of the competition is not to be neglected. It is not necessary to optimize for every keyword – Leiner and kika can already benefit from the aforementioned authority in many places. However, where rankings are still expandable, it must be analyzed which content works well for the respective keyword. A look at least at the top 5 is indispensable, because Google in this way already presents what it wants to see for a top ranking.

The solution: Conscious keyword monitoring and consulting

We support Leiner and kika right from the start with conscious keyword monitoring and the derivation of recommendations for action. Analyzing the parallels in content and structure between the landing pages in the top rankings, comparing them with the actual state of the Leiner and kika landing page for the keyword, and weighing up the extent to which these optimizations should be applied for Leiner and kika is a cycle that is constantly carried out for important keywords. This was not about copying content, which does not work for SEO, but about extracting the benefits of these optimization measures, and implementing them in a form suitable for Leiner and kika.

SEO Marketing Keywords Kika und Leiner Möbelhandels GmbH

Content marketing with focus on SEO optimization

For both brands, kika as well as Leiner, we successfully took over parts of the content marketing. In addition to a content audit for both brands, in which the company’s previous content strategy was analyzed and examined for untapped potential, we also optimized existing content and created new content in the guidebook area. We can overcome the challenges posed by the thematic competition between the content of the two brands by weighting them differently.

Content optimization from a single source

Existing content from the “Shop the Look” inspiration area was subjected to a detailed content and SEO analysis. In addition to keyword optimization, a revision of the text structure, textual expansion and an analysis and recommendation for the optimization of the existing image material, we also maintain changes made in the store system Magento. In addition, where necessary, we make recommendations to the in-house team on how to adjust the URLs and adapt the post snippets accordingly in order to exploit all potential here as well.

We also supported the content team of both brands with a detailed briefing on the optimized creation of new content in this area. As a result, we have been able to record a clearly positive development with regard to individual premium visibility since the start of the measures at the beginning of 2023. In addition, many keywords in the top 10 and top 100 search results could be re-placed or rank higher.

Content creation with added value

In coordination with the in-house content team of both brands, we also took on the conceptualization and creation of new content from the “Advice” category. In line with current furnishing trends, seasonal business or in the areas of keywords that are not yet occupied, we regularly create content according to thematic specifications. Through an in-depth analysis of top-placed competitor articles, in-depth keyword research, content expertise and corresponding product recommendations, articles with optimal structure and best added value for the customer are created. The co-designed content linking structure contributes sustainably to a strengthening of the entire guidebook area.

Contenterstellung kika und Leiner Möbelhandels GmbH

Up-to-date and informative branch pages thanks to our support

We also support the maintenance of the branch pages with a focus on usability. In the process, the store pages are successfully designed in the best interests of the user depending on the occasion, such as new openings or renovations, and are always kept up to date and maximally informative through targeted optimization of the image and text material.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us as a full service digital agency, look forward to all further challenges and are excited about the positive developments in the future.

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