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Brand placement, online shop optimisation & comprehensive online marketing support for photo and video specialists

For the dutch company Kamera Express we did the strategy consulting for the placement of different brands as well as comprehensive online shop optimisations and adapted the online marketing activities for the german target market.

#International dreams are being dreamed with us!

Kamera Express is a Dutch company that sells photo and video equipment for every budget. Having been present on the market for more than 25 years now, international dreams were finally to become reality in 2018 and Kamera Express expanded into further european countries. But the big breakthrough in Germany didn’t really happen yet. An online shop and single shop were already there, but in cooperation with #Die.Digitalfabrik, the Dutch company was finally to become one of the leading photo and video specialists with over 42,000 products in Germany as well.

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#What does a german customer expect?

The challenge since hour 0 was that several Kamera Express brands were to be placed on the German market and thus cannibalisation had to be avoided. Thus, unique content was created for each individual brand and a sophisticated concept for SEA ads was developed. But how do you place all the brands that offer the same products and are supposed to be equally strong and trustworthy in the market? On the recommendation of #Die.Digitalfabrik, it was decided to unite all brands under Kamera Express and to now focus completely on a strong brand presence of Kamera Express on the German market.

In order to maintain full project transparency as well as effort and costs at all times, it was decided to work in 2-week sprints. This made it easier for everyone involved to plan. The online shop had large areas of incorrect translations, so many showstoppers had to be removed first. After the translation issues had been corrected and the content had been optimised for the German market, the next step was to increase brand awareness and the trust of potential customers.

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#Recognising german user behaviour and targeting the right touchpoints

As many touchpoints as possible were created via social media, SEA and newsletter mailings so that the target group can be addressed optimally. Over and over again, the challenge was not to interfere too much with the in-house marketing plan and yet adapt the german campaigns to deliver the greatest possible output. This includes the difficulty of translation and the concomitant need for a cultural transfer of text, image and moving image. In the meantime, Kamera Express has been able to position itself as a serious competitor for its competition and increase its visibility enormously.

We are looking forward to further cooperation!

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