Conceptual design and development of a service platform

The main goal of the project with Blanke Systems GmbH & Co. KG was to design and implement a service platform in order to make their product solutions visible on the one hand. On the other hand, we wanted to bring the services of their partners from trade and processing closer to the interested architects or builders. The BLANKE BLUE BASE is a digital combination of product portfolio, information material and a wish list for saving and sharing articles. Furthermore, the platform offers the opportunity to all processors and dealers to register as a service partner on the site and to be presented there after approval.

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#Clear, appealing, target-oriented - a service platform that addresses all customer needs

Blanke Systems GmbH & Co. KG is an internationally acting manufacturer and system provider of tile accessories with high quality standards and value, presentin more than 80 countries.

With the establishment of BLANKE BLUE BASE, a platform was to be created, focusing the service concept and reaching out to all of the three target groups (traders, fabricators and end users). The new platform can therefore be used by specialist fabricators and retailers, as well as architects and specialist planners or interested building owners. Irrespective of this, Blanke continues to attach great importance to adhering to the three-stage distribution system.

6 Phasen des Projekts


Workshop mit Blanke,
um MVP zu definieren, Durchführbarkeit zu prüfen und Lastenheft aufzuseten

  • Entwicklung der Plattform
    und individueller Elemente anhand der Vorgabe des MVPs
  • Pflege der Seiteninhalte
  • Projektcontrolling (Soll vs. Ist-Status vergleichen)
  • Statusupdates
  • Dokumentation

Live-Deployment und Übergabe


Projektplan mit Zeit- und Aufgabenplan erstellen, Budget definieren, Tickets schreiben


Qualitätssicherung und Performancetest


Folgeanforderungen umsetzen, Schulungen, weitere Betreuung im Alltagsgeschäft, kontinuierlicher Ausbau der Plattform durch Einbindung weiterer Service

blanke blue base product page

#Design an appealing service platform with clear navigation, the provision of related articles and further information.

In addition to the complete and regularly updated digital product catalog, BLANKE BLUE BASE offers a link to all Blanke knowledge databases, an overview and download of important data sheets and an integrated dealer and processor search.

The search function makes it quick and easy to find system solutions and products for the desired application. In addition, the intuitive menu supports navigation through all product categories and application possibilities. Once found, all variants and versions are displayed, enabling convenient product configuration. Suitable accessories and spare parts can be selected at the same time. All selection results can be saved to a wish/material list for recall or sharing at any time.

Important information, such as technical data sheets to be observed or installation instructions, can be downloaded from the download area, available on the respective product page. Advice from experts and helpful information in form of videos, complement the product-related knowledge offered on the new platform.

#A platform tailored to all target groups

The new platform can be used by specialist fabricators and retailers as well as architects and flat planners or interested building owners. Irrespective of this, Blanke continues to attach great importance to adhering to the three-level distribution system. For this reason, three different login areas were implemented. The free platform is primarily aimed at architects and builders who want to find out more about Blanke products and are looking for qualified service partners, meaning fabricators and dealers. At this level, only certain products can be purchased, so-called “free products” such as spare parts.

When registering for the other two platforms, the profile must be approved by a Blanke employee.

Processors can see all the products and order them. During the registration or ordering process, the processor is asked to specify a distributor, to whom Blanke has to forward the order, so the three-level distribution is maintained.

The special feature on the merchant platform is that orders can be collected. A merchant can assign profiles and roles with different rights to his employees in his customer account. Thus, one can set up a main profile, which is allowed to release and place orders. All registered employees can create orders. These are displayed in the main profile and must be approved by the corresponding person. Due to this, possibly occurring shipping costs can be saved.

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