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From the vision to the stage: Campaign shoot for German schlager star

Since her breakthrough in 2019, Frenzy has established herself as a permanent fixture on the German schlager scene. Last year, Frenzy thrilled her fans with over 150 live performances in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the 2024 season, which is already packed with over 150 dates, Frenzy is preparing for a new highlight in her career: Her first solo concert.

#Objective of the project

Our brief was to do a campaign shoot for Frenzy’s first solo concert and create a range of high quality promotional materials. These were intended to capture Frenzy’s energy and charisma while reflecting the excitement and expected spectacle of the concert. The aim was to stand out clearly from the competition and convey the artist’s unique selling points accordingly.

#Execution of the shoot

The shoot was carried out in one of our agency’s studios, which was specially equipped for this purpose. In a single day of shooting, we managed to create different photo and video formats for the various advertising materials. Each format has been carefully designed to capture Frenzy’s dynamic personality. We paid great attention to detail to ensure that each recording conveyed the essence of Frenzy’s artistic style and stage presence.


#Development and implementation of advertising material

From the concept to the graphic realization, all aspects were in our hands. Throughout the process, we worked closely with Frenzy and made precise correction loops to ensure that every detail reflected her artistic vision and personality. The advertising materials created included concert tickets, content for the ticket provider and all other necessary materials. Each element was carefully designed to emphasize the uniqueness of Frenzy’s first solo concert and create a strong, emotional connection with the audience.



The development of the advertising campaign for Frenzy’s first solo concert not only illustrates our   ability to realize creative concepts, but also marks an important milestone in   Frenzy’s career. The close cooperation with the artist made it possible to realize   a campaign that authentically portrays her energy and the upcoming concert event. The   final product, a series of carefully developed promotional materials, reflects Frenzy’s individual style   and creates a connection with the audience. This campaign demonstrates how essential   a customized, creative approach is for success in the music industry. In   light of the upcoming concert, we are confident that this campaign   will not only strengthen Frenzy’s presence in the pop scene, but also serve as an example for future   projects.

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