Social media strategy adapted to the target group

Complete social & SEA support for leading spring manufacturer

Since October 2022, we have been supporting the Brandgroup in the areas of social media, SEA and website optimization/maintenance. Our goal is to establish Brandgroup as the first point of contact for springs and wire bending parts.

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The focus of our cross-channel strategy is on addressing specific target groups. The main task was to communicate the sometimes very complex topics in an understandable and clear manner so that all users feel properly addressed.
In the area of social media, we manage the Facebook, Instagram as well as LinkedIn accounts and publish both organic posts and ads.
The SEA measures focus on the precise playout of campaigns for the various products and marketing campaigns. We play these out in close coordination with the customer.
In addition, we are making minor adjustments to the website and the career portal.

The brandgroup is a medium-sized and owner-managed family business from Germany, which stands for traditional values such as continuity, quality and sustainability. Since its founding in 1922, the company has been able to make a name for itself through its extensive expertise in their field. The main focus is on the production of innovative products in the field of springs, spring assemblies as well as wire bending parts. These are used especially in the automotive and construction industries, but also for individual projects.

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Social Media Strategy

For the social media channels, we take care of the strategic organization and planning of the organic posts as well as the campaigns, review the ads and create reporting with all relevant KPIs. The main focus is on the appropriate playout of advertising media depending on the channel. Finally, the interests of LinkedIn and Meta users differ enormously, so ads must be optimized accordingly. The same can be seen in the organic posts: In close consultation with the brandgroup, an editorial plan is created and a post is published once a week to show followers new content on a regular basis. The content is geared towards new products, innovations, news and insights from the company, or even the advertising of new training positions and jobs.

In addition to maintaining the content, we also take care of the graphic editing of the pictures and videos provided by the brandgroup. The CI of the brandgroup is taken into account in all texts, videos or images in order to maintain a consistent corporate identity. All these optimizations have already paid off: since the beginning of our collaboration until May 2023, we were able to generate 1 million impressions. The number of followers has increased by almost 100%.

For SEA, we also took over the account in October 2022. Since then, we’ve managed to drive 5% more traffic through a better keyword setup while keeping costs the same. We also added campaigns for apprentices. Our cooperation is characterized by close coordination.


Workshop: Strategy (channel-specific)

Process coordination & planning

Input collection & editorial planning


Start implementation of new strategy

Editorial & Campaign Planning

Content creation & briefings



Reporting & analyse


As part of the website support, we perform minor modifications. For example, we change texts, advertise information or events through banners, add new jobs to the career portal, or change functionalities of forms.

Within our projects with brandgroup, after the content has been provided and mutually agreed on, we take a very independent approach and create the ads and articles. In doing so, we pay attention to current trends, the relevant KPIs and contribute our own ideas for implementing the content. Of course, all advertising materials are approved by brandgroup. Once a month, the experts from #Die.Digitalfabrik sit down with the brandgroup to talk about the latest activities, work out optimization potential together, and provide an outlook for the next month.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us as a full service digital agency, look forward to all further challenges and are excited about the positive developments in the future.

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