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Since January 2022, we have been showing a presence on social media with the 3C Group – organically, as well as in the paid area. On Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, customers and all those who want to become customers can convince themselves of the sustainable upholstered furniture.

Our mission: to increase and strengthen the brand awareness for the furniture and the brand 3C Das Sofa with the help of advertising.

#Sustainable living is in - also on social media

The 3C Group stands for sustainable living and manufactures environmentally friendly upholstered furniture and beds that have been tested for harmful substances. The passion for furniture is characterized by already more than 25 years of market presence and includes three major brands: 3C CARINA, 3C CANDY and 3C CANDY SLEEP.

#Aesthetic Instagram feed for more attention from the target audience

In addition to the overarching goals, we worked intensively with the 3C Group on planning the Instagram feed. An aesthetically pleasing and visually harmonious Instagram feed is becoming increasingly important to users these days. In order to take this into account and implement it, the image material provided by the 3C Group was first screened. Various options for the design of the feed were then developed. The decision was made in favor of a color-uniform photo sequence with partially recurring image elements.

The design of the feed has a great influence on the editorial planning process. In addition to the texts adapted to the target group, the product images must be selected. Which color element should be considered, what number of images should the color row contain, and how is an aesthetic transition to the next color element created?

Keeping in mind the various factors, we managed to create an optimal Instagram feed for the 3C Group. After just a few months, we were already able to reach hundreds of thousands of people through the various social media channels. Impressions have grown into the millions and interactions are recording four figures.

The aesthetic design has not only been implemented on Instagram, but has been equally considered in the design of paid campaigns for 3C Group. Recurring, minimalist elements create connections between the advertising media. At the same time, the focus on the products is never lost, so that the goal of creating awareness for the brand could be successfully implemented.

As a platform for inspiration, including for interior design styles, Pinterest is ideal for the 3C Group. The already existing aesthetic mood images are optimal for the target audience on this social platform. This is also reflected in the several million impressions that have been recorded in recent months.

#The result

An aesthetically and harmoniously coordinated Instagram feed as well as advertising materials that appeal to the (potential) customers of the 3C Group.

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We look forward to further cooperation!

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