Professional management in E-Commerce

For maximum success in e-commerce, professional management is required in addition to high-performance online marketing. As the first point of contact for all topics and requirements, e-commerce management ensures that

In this way, well thought-out e-commerce management creates a holistic overview of all tasks that arise, which can be strategically bundled and handed over to the responsible teams. #The.Digitalfabrik offers professional e-commerce management and supports you in optimizing all processes related to your business.

#Advantages of e-commerce management: Clearer, tighter, better performance

Professional e-commerce management creates a holistic overview of all processes in and around the online shop, ensures tight adherence to specifications, plans and projects, and thus increases performance. The e-commerce management acts as a watchtower above the respective project teams, is the first point of contact for all requirements, problems and tasks and thus manages to optimize processes in the long term.

#An overview of the services of e-commerce management

Strategic alignment

The strategic orientation of your store plays a major role in determining its success. Based on the evaluation of reports and trends, e-commerce management draws up a roadmap of how the store can develop and position itself on the market in the short, medium and long term. This involves constantly checking which implementations can be made to keep up with the times, where improvements can be made in terms of usability, and how the best added value can be offered to the customer at all times.


The planning activities include the determination of the sales forecast on a daily, monthly and annual level and the conceptualization of all necessary marketing activities to achieve the defined goals. Marketing plans are created and coordinated in regular meetings with the respective channel managers. Actions are planned, graphically briefed and accompanied with the creation of landing pages, banners, legal texts or coupons.

Evaluation and reporting

E-Commerce management from #Die.Digitalfabrik prepares and evaluates regular, meaningful reports for you. The KPIs relevant to e-commerce are examined on a daily basis and strategies for optimization are developed and implemented in coordination with the channel managers.

Coordination and process optimization

The e-commerce management is the link between all departments. It coordinates the tasks of the various channel specialists, Purchasing, Customer Service, Development, Pricing teams, and the Executive Board, thus obtaining a holistic overview. As a result, potential for process optimization can be quickly identified and implemented.


Implementations and technical updates, but also the daily functionality of the shop have to be checked to guarantee smooth operations and best user experience. The e-commerce management is in contact with the project management and development, identifies bugs and tests new features or fixes on all store environments and after going live.


Additional sales channels such as cooperations or retail media increase the visibility of your online store and acquire new customers. The e-commerce management conceptualizes suitable on- and offline sales measures and evaluates their success.

#Die.Digitalfabrik offers you experienced and professional shop management in all areas of e-commerce. You are looking for strategy consulting and workshops around the topic of e-commerce management? Here, too, we can help you with our expert knowledge and years of expertise.

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