#Content & Translations

Content marketing as a crucial area of your SEO strategy helps you achieving sustainable success. With high-quality content, tailored to your target group and optimized for search engines, you take the decisive step forward. Interesting articles, useful tutorials and inspiring texts enthuse your users and Google at the same time! We create high-quality, diverse and performant content for your website, online store and other marketing channels. 

content and translations

#Content marketing strategy - your path to sustainable success

Make your decision for content, that offers additional value, intensifies your customer loyalty and makes you an expert in the field of web. We design a sustainable and success-oriented content strategy for you, deliver convincing and professional content for all areas of content marketing and evaluate its success for you, based on relevant KPIs. When translating existing content from other languages, we don’t only benefit from our international team, but also precisely optimize the content and strategy for the respective target market.

No matter, if you need all-round support or partial assistance with your content marketing, we are your content marketing agency for the conception, creation, maintenance and evaluation of content that users and search engines love.

#We take over for you:

Target group analysis

Who are my existing customers and who is my future customer?

By executing a detailed target group analysis as well as a socio-demographic persona analysis, we identify your users and potential customers - also together with you in one of our workshops.
In this way, we can adjust the content strategy to fit exactly.

Content Audit

Where are my chances?

We analyze existing content, identify its potential and modify it for optimal performance.

Topic identification and keyword research

What content do my
users like?

We identify the relevant topics for your target group and flank them with the appropriate, high-performance keywords.

Editorial planning and wording strategy

The strategic direction: What? When? Where?

Clear and prescient editorial plans provide planning security and enable optimal synergy effects with other channels. A reasoned wording strategy also conveys your corporate identity.

Content creation and maintenance

We deliver the content, you benefit

We provide you with high-quality content in words and images and maintain it in any content management system (CMS) or hand it over to you in the desired format. The focus is always on added value for the user and search engine optimization.

Controlling and analysis

Performance analysis and optimization for best results

We monitor the performance of your content with precise analysis tools and use the results for continuous optimization.

Training and workshops

Our knowledge for you

Are you looking for support for your in-house team in the field of content? We offer you in-depth trainings and sustainable workshops that answer all your questions and make your team professionals in creating good content.

#Artificial Intelligence and CHAT GPT: What does it mean for online marketing?

Chat GPT and AI are on everyone’s lips. But what can artificial intelligence really do? Where and to what extent can it support online marketing in particular? We have the answers.

With the help of artificial intelligence and tools like Chat GPT, texts, photos, headlines and more can be generated in seconds according to specifications. AI can also work faster and more efficiently than humans in data and market analyses thanks to powerful algorithms. The more comprehensive and precise the briefing that the respective AI receives for its task, the more accurate the result. A great way to easily and quickly save time, money and resources – you would think. Photo shoots, graphic design, text conception and creation, all obsolete sooner or later? We take a realistic look at the new possibilities of the AI world – and its limits.

#Opportunities and limitations of AI in online marketing: focus on Google

The AI can only generate a text (or an image) from already existing information. Considering the fact that Google only ranks “unique content”, i.e. unique information that offers the user a clear added value and best assistance with his request, the limitations of tools like Chat GPT quickly become clear. Content that is copied, composed of already existing information or simply rewritten will not be able to achieve a ranking advantage in the long run – and in the worst case will result in ranking disadvantages for the entire domain. This is especially the case when incorrect facts are mentioned – AI language models are currently still experimental and not infallible. If one uses AI content that mentions incorrectly generated facts, Google can evaluate this as incorrect information, which can harm the content and the trust of the domain itself. Human fact-checking and manual revision should currently not be skipped (yet).

Individual, creative content marketing that is precisely tailored to the target group, user and user intention will continue to be the key to the success of any website. AI can certainly be used to support the conception and creation of content. However, human revision, refinement, and enrichment will continue to be the path to success – past Google updates have already shown that Google continues to place expert knowledge and absolute added content value for the user enormously in the focus of its evaluation and ranking.

#Successfully operating an AI: Expertise is absolutely needed

For product descriptions, evaluations of data sets and other routine tasks, artificial intelligence can bring welcome simplification and efficient time and cost savings. It can also be helpful for many areas of analysis and supports, for example, data-driven online marketing activities. However, it always takes the appropriate expertise to operate an AI effectively – the quality of the briefing and the accuracy of the specifications always help determine the result the AI delivers. So the outcome should not be used without a final human inspection. So here, too, it’s not possible to do it entirely without competent input.

Would you like to learn more about AI? You are looking for a partner who identifies potentials with you and advises you thoroughly and competently on content marketing? Then contact us and book your first consultation appointment.

#Translations – an underrated discipline in e-commerce

Do you want to address new target markets and win a new group of customers for your company as part of the internationalization of your business? Impress future customers with convincing and precise translations right now. Incomprehensible translations impede your advantage communication and unsettle the users. Ultimately, high-quality content is one of the decisive key factors for trust in the shop and is thus a major criterion for the closure of a purchase.

We provide translations in many languages with the support of native speakers, always keeping your requirements and specifics of the target market in mind.

If you are interested in SEO strategy, content marketing and translation please contact us for a free consultation!