For a long time, e-commerce stood in direct contrast to stationary retail. Since COVID-19 however, a shift in thinking has taken place. Whether intentional or not, different or further ways of marketing had to be found. Traditional retailers are now not only brick-and-mortar-based, but also active in e-commerce – they use the sales channels off- and online. Cross-media marketing is a strategic approach to address (potential) customers on several communication channels, each with their own adapted content. Off- and online measures can be linked with each other. It is important to note that each channel has different requirements and properties. The advertising message must therefore be individually adapted to the network or platform so that as many touchpoints as possible can be reached.


From an economic perspective, it makes sense to maintain a close link between e-commerce and stationary retail or to focus entirely on the online sector. Advantages of traditional retail can be, for example, by delivering online orders postage-free to the store of your choice or allowing customers to redeem a special offer they received online, in the retail store. Cross-media marketing opens up new opportunities to distribute content across different communication channels and to involve the customer more strongly and more often. On the one hand, this can lead to an identification and bond between the customer, the product and company, but also, of course, to an increase in sales.


  • higher brand visibility

  • higher identification with the product or the company

  • increase conversion rate

  • less effort if planned correctly, as content can be easily adapted


To ensure that the linking of the channels works, the campaign should be adapted to the respective channel and target audience in terms of timing and content. The main goal of a cross-media campaign is visibility. A core message is transmitted simultaneously in different formats on multiple channels. How many channels are used for a cross-media campaign doesn’t matter for now, by definition, but at least two. These can be, for example:

When it comes to the possible combinations of media types, communication channels and strategies, there are no limits in cross-media marketing. As an external team, we not only take over the campaign management for you, but also develop it and of course advise you on the selection of your channels – precisely fit to your company’s needs. In doing so, we always keep an eye on target achievement and performance.

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