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All you need is… the right social media strategy! Agricultural technology rethought

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For the agricultural technology division of Raiffeisen-Waren-Zentrale Rhein Main eG, we got the Facebook channels for five regions on track, as well as setting up the associated Instagram channels and developing a comprehensive strategy for the organic and paid divisions.

#New ways for agriculture

Raiffeisen-Waren-Zentrale Rhein Main eG, or RWZ for short, is the third-largest agricultural cooperative in Germany and a strong partner for agriculture and people in rural areas. As a leading regional agricultural trader, RWZ trades in agricultural products, agricultural inputs, viticulture and professional horticulture, agricultural technology, animal feed and timber. They also operate numerous car dealerships, home and garden centers, and fuel retailers.

Right from the start it was clear: this project is going to be big! Since September 2021, we have been keeping all loyal followers and those interested in agricultural technology up to date on a total of ten social media channels. Each of the five areas has its own Instagram and Facebook account. Handling so many social media accounts for just one company presents several challenges that must be overcome:

  1. Good organization!
  2. Developing a clear content strategy.
  3. Finalize the content strategy with an outstanding concept for the paid section.

And so began our story together…

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#Content is King: The right content for completely different target groups

After the initial setup was made, the joint editorial plan was created and numerous image and video files were exchanged, the most important part began: working out a strategy for the organic and paid area.

When looking for a suitable strategy for RWZ, it was clear – we have a big challenge: We need exciting content for followers who are equally deep in the topic as well as for (potential) followers who are completely new to agricultural technology.

But how do you create attention for such a large company that addresses what is, after all, a rather specific topic?

By being brave! So at the beginning, lots of ideas were collected, ranging from general topic areas to video ideas, to find a suitable strategy that fits the company.

We tested a lot, were always open to new ideas, formats and content and thus very quickly found the right strategy for RWZ Agrartechnik. The most important thing here is to remain spontaneous – whether it’s publishing content or adjusting the editorial plan. It is important for us to always think outside the box, to draw conclusions from the past and to always have our customers’ needs and wishes in mind.

The mix makes the difference

After the successful implementation of our new strategy, the implementation and continuous optimization began with a mixture of site-specific topics, presentations of (new) agricultural machinery and knowledge contributions that pick up connoisseurs and newcomers alike. The organic strategy was supported by the appropriate advertising strategy. In addition to implementing numerous campaigns to increase brand awareness, we also ran a large number of different product-specific campaigns in the agricultural sector.

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#The result

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These numbers speak for themselves, don’t they?

Thank you for the successful cooperation!

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