Optimization of the online shop and the touchpoints for strong brand placement in Germany

For the Belgian company ellemilla, we carried out comprehensive online shop optimizations and adapted the online marketing activities for the German target market.

#Conquering the German market: increasing sales with appealing translations

ellemilla is a Belgian company, managed by Sarah and her family. In their online shop, they sell lovingly put together collections starting from t-shirts, cardigans, pants, dresses, shoes, bags and much more. While the online shop has already successfully been launched in Belgium and the Netherlands in recent years, it has yet to be successful in Germany. In cooperation with #Die.Digitalfabrik, German ellemillagirls should now finally be inspired and equipped with stylish clothes.

3 phases of the project


Overcoming cultural barriers:

Strengthen the online store through correct and appealing translations and eliminate showstoppers


Social Media Advertising:

Generate a new target group with the right strategy


Newsletter Strategy:

Extension of the newsletter strategy and correct translations as a guarantee for success

ellemilla roas increase
ellemilla sales increase
ellemilla sales increase

#No performance without appealing translations and cultural transfer

Opening up and conquering a new target market is often associated with a number of challenges. Particularly in the course of internationalization, problems concerning translations and cultural transfer occur again and again. Those had to be overcome for ellemilla as well. Therefore, the first step was the comprehensive optimization of the online shop, so that the content, starting with logistical topics, product names and descriptions, as well as the actions themselves, were not only translated correctly, but the personal touch and tonality of ellemilla could be maintained. With attention to detail, the embellished wording and the special feeling of ellemilla had to be translated and transferred for the German market. By using a communication concept, the online shop, the newsletters and the social media ads benefited equally. Thanks to the expansion of the marketing plan, social media campaigns and newsletters specifically tailored for Germany were implemented in close coordination. They caused a direct uplift and raised sales to a similar level to Belgium and the Netherlands.

#Content is king, but context is queen - you can only be as good as your translations are!

We look forward to further cooperation!