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Initial multi-channel realization and successful all-round online marketing support right from the start

For the successful family-owned company from North Rhine-Westphalia, we initiated the multi-channel sales approach with Shopify-Shop, established the brand thanks to comprehensive online marketing activities, and took over consultative shop management.

Die Holzwarenfabrik - Holzfabrik startet mit Online Shop durch

#The start

Over 160 years of company history, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and a special focus on sustainable production characterize one of Germany’s largest wooden goods manufacturers. In addition to the agile B2B sector and the supply of selected specialist retailers, the medium-sized family business wanted to venture into the multi-channel business. #Die.Digitalfabrik realized the digital transformation and the path to successful e-commerce.

Die Holzwarenfabrik - Leistungen Digitale Transformation

#Web development and design

After taking over the existing Drupal test store, it quickly became clear in close coordination with #Die.Digitalfabrik that switching to a store solution with Shopify would ensure significantly better performance and scalability as well as simplified maintenance in the backend.

#Die.Digitalfabrik not only took over the complete technical implementation in Shopify, but also created the corporate design for the new online presence. For this purpose, a precise determination of the target group, a scribble of the specific personas and a market and competitor analysis were carried out in order to create the appropriate design. Harmonious color design, special typography and a suitable visual language resulted in an online store that is not only functional but also fully convincing visually.

In addition to the visual optimization and the setup of the store, #Die.Digitalfabrik also took over the connection of all payment service providers and the implementation of tracking tools. The connection of a renowned customer rating portal was also successfully implemented at our endeavor and generates trust to this day through a very good average rating of the store.


The shop management is also handled by #Die.Digitalfabrik and included all important steps on the way to success, from the initial article creation and data maintenance to action planning and further development of the store. This leads to continuous improvement of processes and streamlined performance.

In addition to the strategic orientation, which was continuously fine-tuned and always receives new impulses, technical innovations or updates in the design could also be extensively tested and smoothly implemented. The usability of the store is thus continuously optimized.

Strategic marketing planning spans all channels, creating fruitful synergies and a uniformly compelling presence between them.

Meaningful reporting with all important KPIs has been and will be set up on an ongoing basis and allows a dedicated view of the success of measures taken as well as the general development of the store and gives an indication of optimization potential. The responsible teams on the customer side are also advised by #Die.Digitalfabrik, if required, with regard to best practice and potential for improvement in the areas of customer service and category management.

#Online Marketing

To lead Die Holzwarenfabrik to digital success, #Die.Digitalfabrik launched comprehensive online marketing activities. In addition to the SEO optimization of the store, which already accompanied the web development, the areas of SEA and social media were also initially set up and still managed in everyday life.


In the SEA area, we installed the Google Ads account with suitable campaign structure in the search, shopping and display network. By determining suitable target groups, constantly testing new campaign and ad formats, and constantly adapting to the latest Google products, more than 360,000 clicks and 36 million impressions have been generated to date. In addition, the creation and optimization of product data feeds generated total sales via SEA in the mid 6-digit range.

Social media

In the area of social media, the complete brand presence was initially set up and played out on the Facebook and Instagram channels. The emphasis was on diverse, interaction-motivating and modern content. The success proves the strategy right. Since launch, a reach of over one million has been generated, the number of interactions is in the 5-digit range and the total number of followers has increased to 3,000.


In the field of SEO, a well thought-out and sustainable strategy could produce the best results. In addition to optimizing loading speeds and the associated ranking advantages, a sensible indexing strategy and content structure also contribute to optimized placement in Google search results. Many high-turnover keywords relating to the wood products range have been positioned through sustained work in such a way that they regularly achieve first place in the search results. In total, well over 200 keywords were placed in the top 10 search results.

Content Marketing

For content marketing, a blog area in the form of a magazine was set up, which regularly offers informative articles on all topics related to cooking, household and lifestyle. Thanks to a defined wording strategy, promotion of posts via social media, and topic selection based on customer preferences and trends, the blog section averages over 1,200 views per month.

Die Holzwarenfabrik Blog

Email marketing

Targeted email marketing made it possible to keep the rapidly growing customer base excited with seasonal content newsletters or offer mailings. Since its launch in October 2020, over 7,000 recipients have been generated as of August 2022.


Holzwarenfabrik put its initial digital presence entirely in the hands of #Die.Digitalfabrik and has seen success in all areas. In addition to establishing itself on the market and ongoing optimization in the areas of usability and visibility, the implementation of a social media presence was also on the agenda. Consistently growing follower numbers, an outstanding customer rating, successful keyword placements on the top search results pages and, last but not least, stably growing sales make the collaboration a cross-channel success for both sides.

We thank you for the trust you have placed in us as a full service digital agency, look forward to all further challenges and are excited about the positive developments in the future.

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