Consulting for a French company

We supported the French company Cabaïa in an advisory capacity with market placement and all online marketing activities for Germany.

#Gaining more awareness by using the right online marketing mix

The French company Cabaïa is already firmly established in France – with its product range of customizable backpacks, bags, caps in all variations and hip accessories, the start-up has become one of the most sought-after brands in France. Finally, it was time for Cabaïa to win over the German market as well. But how do you win the trust of German customers? In collaboration with #Die.Digitalfabrik, the online store was to be optimized and a strong brand presence created in Germany.

cabaia newsletter

3 phases of the project

cabaia project phases

#The balancing act: adapting to a new market and yet retaining the corporate identity.

When in Rome do as the Romans do… This also applies to e-commerce. How can a company conquer a new market, if the previous strategy, tone and communication from its home country are not appealing to the new target group? Correct – a new communication concept must be created in close coordination with the marketing plan. That’s what we did for Cabaïa and we continued to work for them as a consulting partner. In addition to newsletter creation as well as SEA campaign creation and optimization in Germany, we also helped Cabaïa with campaign planning. Further than that, we created user-friendly content and translations. . The great demand for customizable backpacks, bags and accessories in the online shop tells its own tale. Keep it up!

Thank you for the successful cooperation!

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